A Festival of Lights in Waterloo Park

“Life in the School House” Play – FREE

The “Life in the School House in the 1850’s” play brings you back to the classroom around the year 1850 when school was different from today. It’s a fun filled, interactive presentation performed by the students of Westvale Public School. The School House Play lasts about 20 minutes and runs every 25 minutes from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the first two Fridays and Saturdays in December.
It’s free but donations are always welcome.

The “Life in the School House in the 1850s” play was first written and performed in 1994 in the Old School House during the Wonders of Winter. Now that entertaining, informative and educational tradition continues today.

The Old School house was built in 1820 on Central Street where McGregor Public school stands today. In the late 1800’s it was sold and was moved down near KCI where it was used as a private home for an escaped slave where he lived with 10 other people. In 1942 the school house was again purchased and moved to its current location in Waterloo Park where it was used mainly as a storage facility. In the early 1990’s the restoration of the school house began and was ready for public use by 1994.

Step back in time as you enjoy a quick glimpse into the classroom of the 1850’s.