A Festival of Lights in Waterloo Park

Opening Night

Be on hand for Opening Night – Saturday December 1, 2018 at 5:30 pm and join in the FREE community candlelight event.

At 6:00 pm ‎be amazed at the massive fireworks display in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, filling the winter sky with a shower of explosions and a rainbow of colour.

At the same time be excited as we light up the park with over 100,000 lights. What a great start to the ‎Annual Festival of Lights as you begin to wander through the sparkling park taking in the charm of over 100 themed displays…and it’s FREE!

Connect with Us!

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Map of Festival

Map of Wonders of Winter Points of Interest

Donations and Sponsorships are the only way that we are able to fund the Wonders of Winter Festival of Lights. We are a completely volunteer run organization made up of people in the community who want to present a festival of lights for everyone to enjoy at no charge. Please go to the “Donate Here” heading and be as generous as you can. Any amount helps.